Custom Shoes

Custom Shoes made at Fodemesi Health Step begin with a Full Guarantee. Conditions commonly seen include Club Foot, Neuropathic Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Surgical Fusion, Amputation, Birth Defects and Vascular conditions that produce constant swelling.  All of these conditions create huge challenges to owning comfortable footwear for people who are shopping at regular retail locations.  Fodemesi Health Step specializes in helping unique individuals find perfect fitting and comfortable footwear.

You will be amazed at the many styles of shoes available for children, men and women.  Fodemesi’s vast range of leather choices is sure to please.  The process is unique and carefully crafted for comfort and visual appeal.

Fodemesi Health Step Custom Shoes are produced using both the traditional casting technique as well as CAD/CAM technology. In casting Custom Shoes, traditional style lasts are made from STS fibreglass sock castings to produce polyurethane lasts which are modified as required.  Measurements are confirmed manually to ensure a perfect fit.

True Story with a Happy Ending!

If you, or someone you know, has feet that are drastically different in size, whether from amputation like this example, or from birth, what shoe options are there?

Rick Fodemesi handcrafted an In Shoe orthotic to match the size of the larger foot.  Flexibility and comfort are critical for a successful result.

This photo shows how the smaller foot fits perfectly into the new orthotic.

This meticulous process has resulted in models ready to handcraft custom shoes that will make walking comfortable for this client.

These finely constructed and well made shoes are ready and made to last.