My family doctor referred me to a chiropodist who recommended orthotics.  I proceeded to have them made at that location and the pain I was experiencing intensified with no relief in sight.  I came to Fodemesi Health Step and Rick was able to provide new orthotics that gave me tremendous relief from my struggle with Morton’s Neuroma. – James

Pain is a frightening thing.  Fodemesi Health Step was recommended to me from my neighbour and I found out that the pain I have is common and treatable without surgery.  Shortly after, my feet were feeling better and I got my active life back.  Thank you Rick Fodemesi.– Ellen

After my accident at work, I thought I was doomed to needing to buy 2 pairs of matching shoes in different sizes to have a pair that fit both feet since my one foot was partly missing from the accident.  Rick Fodemesi created an in-shoe prosthetic for me.  I look normal again and I can walk fine too.- Anthony